2nd single THE BLACK SEA released

OUT NOW: “The Black Sea” featuring Tina Guo & Christian Älvestam (Official)!

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It is time to finally release another track from our upcoming album, and this time we went for bit of a prog monster: enjoy “The Black Sea”, featuring the amazing Tina Guo on Cello and the one and only Christian Älvestam on guest vocals.

As is often the case with the songs we end up the happiest with, this was also one of the most difficult ones to write — in fact, we nearly dropped it!

A lyrical journey of rebirth and cleansing your life. We follow our character deeper and deeper into the black sea, from where we hope to emerge cleansed once more.

“The story is inspired by a small place in Iceland, near a lake. I won’t reveal which one, but it is the quietest place I’ve ever encountered on this earth. The water was so dark and perfectly quiet, it really did nearly draw me into the water…”
– Marc Petralito

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