new album ‘In Times of Darkness’ out 22nd of March 2019

We and our partners from Escape Music are pleased to announce the return of Swiss Progressive Band Appearance of Nothing with their fourth album “In Times Of Darkness” RELEASE 22 March 2019, worldwide.

5 years after their latest record, Appearance of Nothing are back with a new prog metal master piece! The album is a full hour of new music and will be released on the 22nd of March 2019.
A first video for the song “The storm” has already been shared earlier on and soon a 2nd video and the trackless will follow.

Appearance of Nothing is:
Omar Cuna – Vocals and Bass
Marc Petralito – Piano, Hammond, Synth
Ronnie Wolf – Drums
Manuel Meinen – Guitars
Albert Ibrahimaj – Guitars

Precision and prog metal: the two go hand in hand — especially in Switzerland, home to clockworks and quality craftsmanship.

True to that national spirit, Appearance Of Nothing are stepping right into the tradition of outstanding and unique metal, Made In Switzerland (ever heard of Coroner, Eluveitie, or perhaps Celtic Frost?). Honing their skills together since 2004, the band around founding members Marc Petralito (piano, hammond, synths) and Omar Cuna (bass & vocals), along with shredders Manuel Meinen & Albert Ibrahimaj and drummer Ronnie Wolf, have always felt true to Prog with a capital letter — think Opeth, Dream Theater, or Symphony X.

With their single ‘Storm’ they marked an explosive return after parting ways with their former lead singer in 2017. Keys blazing, the creative driving force Marc proudly places his giant synth walls right where they should be: front and center. The newest family members Albert Ibrahimaj (two-time winner of a prestigious Berklee College of Music scholarship) and Manuel Meinen — both acclaimed guitar teachers — have found themselves right at home, driving the band’s sound forward along with Ronnie, who has been making a name for himself for over 30 years.